Bentham Metacity theme

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Bentham is a theme for Metacity, the default window manager for GNOME.

Download (Bentham-r2.tar.gz, 2 kB)

Not being satisfied with the themes installed by default, and having some experience of making themes for other window managers, I decided to learn how to theme Metacity. This is the first result of the endeavor. The theme is simple, quite fast and in a word utilitarian. It is named after Jeremy Bentham.

Initially I was mostly interested in changing the order of the buttons in the titlebar. Since I use mostly Macs and Linux-based operating systems these days, having the Windows button layout does not make sense. But eventually I discovered that the order of the buttons is not determined by the theme but can be changed from the application settings. Bentham works with every other layout as well, including the default one.

Bentham is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL).


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Last updated on 1 April 2006.